Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 24, 2014

Wait...Thanksgiving is this week?! I thought it was hard to keep up on holidays before they started switching them around. Don't tell me Christmas is actually in July... Wait: Thanksgiving is usually the third Thursday in November, right?

Speaking of Christmas, Welch Kaicho will be letting us skype home! I'm not sure what skype account we'd be using, but we still have a month to get that all figured out. If you still just want to do a normal phone call, just let me know. I'll understand if you don't. 

In other news, an investigator I taught a lot in Tottori got baptized! If you look through the pictures on my SD card (I still need that back if you want pictures of Kyoto), he's the big guy that's basically always wearing a doctors mask. I was pleasantly surprised to see that he got baptized! The church is true, and miracles never cease to happen! You have my guarantee!

Well, I don't have a whole lot of time to email today because some members are taking us out to eat (at tabehodai yakiniku!) and we still have to finish up the last parts of the move, so this'll be short and probably really bara bara (umm...sporadic? I don't know English anymore).

We had Zone Taikai this week! It was great! I still remember my first Zone Taikai last year in August. Things have changed a whole lot since that taikai! It was an awesome thing to attend, and we enjoyed this taikai immensely!

Wednesday we had another golden member-missionary moment. One of the shimai in the branch set up an appointment for us to meet with this man she knows who has started to believe in God more and more. The lesson was.......interesting (mainly because she is very enthusiastic about the Gospel and more or less "open[ed] up the windows of heaven and pour[ed him] out a [lesson] that there [wasn't] enough room to receive it." It was a very spiritual setting and he agreed to meet more with us and continue learning more!

Thursday and Friday: more bike problems! I'm not sure how much your prayers and fasts are helping that out, haha! I think this bike is just past the point of repair and needs to be resurrected already!

We met with our shigansha, finally! He's been pretty busy lately. He wanted to know more about the Fall, so we taught from Moses 3 and 4. We didn't just leave it at that; we connected it to baptism and how baptism enables us to receive of the full power of the Atonement and overcome the bad effects of the Fall and. I think his desire for baptism jumped up a decent amount through that lesson and the Spirit!

That's basically the gist of my week. Things started to pick up again! I'm certain it's because the move is almost over so we're not spending as much time with that, and we can feel the Spirit more abundantly since we're not stressed out of our minds half the time!

I may or may not be able to get cherry pie filling and sour cream. I talked one of the eikaiwa students to snag me some next time she goes to Costco, assuming they have it. Assuming, also, that she knows what it looks like! It took probably 5 minutes to explain what cherry pie filling was! I can get pudding here, so that's fine. Maybe a little more toothpaste--I'm almost out and Japanese toothpaste doesn't have fluoride in it. I also grabbed some slacks an old missionary left behind at the honbu when we ere there for Taikai, so I don't need slacks.

Grant's getting married already?! Honestly, I recently had two dreams about being done with my mission and getting married. Probably the two most unwelcome dreams I've had in a long while!

Nope, I didn't feel any earthquake. Where's Nagano?

Okay, that's all I have for this week! The days go by quicker and quicker and it feels weirder and weirder. Pray for them to go slower! And, of course, give my best to everyone and wish them a Happy Thanksgiving for me!


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