Sunday, December 14, 2014

December 1st, 2014

まぁ、everyone else is saying it's cold, so maybe I'm just crazy?

Mom and Dad,

On to transfer calls: I'm staying! Duren Choro is going to Abeno, right in the middle of Osaka! My new companion will be Morin Choro, a native French-speaking Canadian! Even though he's from Canada, I hear he hates the cold like Duren Choro. いいんじゃない?(Whatever!) Oh, and Ako is going to have four Choro's starting this transfer!

There seems to be a pattern of me going to tabehodai's on prep day, then later being fed tons of sushi. And by later I mean not long after. Remember in Shimogamo when we went to the $5 buffet, then went sightseeing with our two old investigators and they bought us tons of sushi? Well, last week after eating at the yakiniku tabehodai, we had a lesson with a woman and her mother, and they bought tons of sushi just for the occasion of us coming over!

We biked out to Mitsu to meet our kinjin investigator on Tuesday. Every time we have a lesson with him is awesome! We taught Christ's Ministry and the Great Apostasy and he understood it all immediately. The best part was when we were in the middle of teaching the Great Apostasy he asked who God called to be the next prophet! It clicks for him sooo well! We still have to figure out how he can get to church, but the couple of LA's that live out there seem pretty likely to be able to help out. Of course, we need to find them, as well!

Later in the week we had a kokan following district meeting.We taught a lesson to the guy who takes us out to eat every time we meet and this time we taught about God. Recently we discovered that he believes in spirits. We focused on teaching God around that belief he already has; such as, how God made our spirits, is our spirit Father, and gave us life. He understood it pretty well--instead of insisting he can't understand, he was insisting he can't believe! It sounds weird to be positive over that but it's a pretty big step up. He also gave a pretty good prayer at the end of the lesson-- another improvement!

I'll tell you more about the taikai at Christmas, but I'll just say for now that the church is making some really good movies these day!

Okay, so this week actually was a pretty short one, even though I didn't say it'd be! Funny the way that works, やろう?I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and enjoys the remainder of the great Holiday Season!


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