Tuesday, November 4, 2014

10/27/14 email

...there's something to deal with lurking about. This week will be pretty interesting. The past week started getting pretty interesting.

Mom and Dad,

Update from last week: we won't be moving to the sisters' house. Actually, we will but temporarily. Basically, Kaicho heard that the floor of the old house was really weak and we could possibly fall through it if we weren't careful. So they cancelled the move, but we had to take all of the food out of the house. Since the Honbu already told the apartment owner we'd be leaving by November, we have to be out by November. They haven't found a new apartment for us yet so we'll be going to the shimais' house (with all the food we just took out) for the time being. You probably know but there's a lot of prep that has to be done. All this week before November 1st.

Last week, we went to tabehodai yakiniku! The closest one is far away, so I haven't been to one since I left Tottori.

Tuesday, we biked way far out again. We met with the guy we found last week. He's sooo incredibly kinjin! That means an awesome investigator--literally means gold person. We talked just very basically with him about the stuff we normally talk about the first time we meet with someone. He loved it! He asked so many questions to get to know more about what we talked about! I think we found the elect we were looking for! The weird method we used to find him seems to actually have worked! After meeting with him we kept finding and ran across other really nice, old people. They didn't have interest but were super kind.

Thursday was the day we were going to have the move but ended up cancelling. We went to get all of the food out, though. They had waaay more food that we anticipated so it took a little while. Then, later in the day we had a shokuji. The woman we had the shokuji with lives alone so someone else to be there. She invited her son to come along. That made for a very interesting night. It was s stressful night! We biked way out to her place but she got home from work late. Had the lesson. We went to eat at a restaurant in Ako, then we had to power bike back to the apartment before 9. I actually had also got my mountain bike back. It doesn't seem any more fixed than before, so riding out there and back was really exhausting.

The next day we had transfers and I met up with Duren Choro then went back to Ako. Being Friday, we had bunch of lessons so we got back, planned, then went to Aioi. After those lessons we went back to Ako. My bike proved to be in no better condition than when I took it into the shop. I'll just add that we went to study at the church the next day and the back tire was magically flat. One day I'll be in an area with a good bike!

Sunday we started running all over the place trying to meet the shimai's investigators and build a relationship with them so they don't just drop. We had to ask for a lot of help from the members since all their investigators are women and we can't meet alone with them. Over the course of the last few days, I've been on the phone with the Honbu a lot, figuring what to do with our housing and how to get it done. It's been an interesting week...

You have no idea-- the cabbage pancakes are sooo good! I promise! I'll make sure you eat some if you ever come to Japan. I've had them many times before. I even had them at Westview once when we took a day to make them in the kitchen during Japanese class!

That's all I have for this week. I would take time to write a bit more, but there're a lot of things to do while in prep day hours to get the move done. I'll write again next week and hopefully there'll be less things on my to do list!


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