Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 10, 2014

Mom and Dad,

This week we were able to meet with the kinjin that lives on the other side of the area (in Mitsu). Apparently last week he was just sleeping so he didn't hear when we came to his house the first time, or the second time...or the third; however, we had a really good lesson with him. We taught him about God and prayer. When describing how making wrong choices separates us from God, he looked up and said, "what should I do for God?" It doesn't sound all amusing in English, but because of certain Japanese grammar points, it was way awesome. Basically it was along the lines of "what would be good to do as a favor for God?" Cool stuff!

We also had ZTM this week. It was a really good ZTM and one of the zone leaders was my district leader when I was in Shimogamo. After ZTM was kind of crazy because we had to get off the train before getting back to Ako to teach a lesson to an investigator living in Aioi. The man is really good friends with the branch president so we all went to drop by their house after having a lesson and going out to eat. I thought it'd be quick but they ended up talking for a looooong time, and we ended up getting back to Ako without time to meet with our shigansha. The lesson we had, though, went way great. We taught about our spirits and the pre-Earth life. He shared some crazy experiences he had as a kid. He definitely believes we have some sort of spiritual being inside us due to those experiences.

Lastly, we had the Primary Program in Sacrament Meeting. It's funny to see how all the different units do their Primary Program with a very limited number of kids and age range. They always get it to work out, somehow. It went pretty well. The best part was the two sunbeams sitting front and center that can't really sing or do anything, so they goofed around the whole time. Duren Choro and I had some good laughs.

It was a pretty tough week. My theory still stands that you always have really good weeks following a series of long, tsurai (hard to endure) weeks.

As for my Christmas package, I can't really think of anything I need or want (other than jello salad). I'm pretty well set. Maybe just one of the ties we wore to Brianna and Alex's wedding--yes, I've repented--turquoise is fine. You know how I've become with Christmas and birthdays the last few years--whatever's fine. Just don't spend too much because I know you'll send me a ton anyways!

I still have the cold pills you gave when I left. I haven't actually used any of them, though. Just a few ibuprofen. I'll be just fine, though.

For the Gishi-Sai back story, you can probably google the story of the 47 samurai. That's the reason they have the Matsuri--the Samurai were all from Ako.

Hey, it's been raining a lot in Ako! Duren Choro doesn't really like it; he's from the Bay Area.

まぁ、正直に、 Oregon should be ranked #1. On the way to ZTM, another missionary in the zone told me Oregon lost to Utah. I took the opportunity to clear up the difference between Oregon and Oregon State. He's also really into college football.

Give everyone my best and thank them for their love and support!


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