Tuesday, November 4, 2014

10/20/14 email

Mom and Dad,

First off: transfer calls! Anderson Choro will be going to Fukuchiyama, an area that flooded a couple of months ago. My new companion will be Duren Choro. He's one transfer under me and he actually served in Fukuchiyama and replaced me in Kitarokko. One of the shimai here in Ako will be going home--yes, it's her time--and the other will be transferring to Kitarokko! So, they're closing Ako to Sisters for now and the Elders will be moving into their house! That's probably the biggest news of the transfer.
Last preparation day: Once again, the typhoon failed to impress me. There were decently strong winds and some rain but nothing like a hurricane. It was enough to force us to stay inside the whole day.

The next day was also supposed to have plenty of rain but we woke up to skies without a cloud in sight! Since we had no lesson appointments, we biked out to that really, really far place again! We found a guy that was very kind and seemed quite willing to listen, so we'll hopefully go out and visit him again this week.

On Thursday we had an appointment with a LA who lives in another distant place. This is the same one we couldn't meet with a couple weeks ago because my tire popped and we had to walk back. I was praying that we wouldn't have a flat or other bike problems. We made it quickly and problem-free to his house, thankfully, but he wasn't home.  We took the opportunity to visit another LA who lives close by, and then a former investigator that lives a little further away. Neither of them were home but we did talk to a family member. In both cases, neither seemed very open. Then we rode back to have a lesson with the guy who asks a lot of questions. This time, he asked A TON of questions.We tried inviting him to be baptized in January, but he didn't feel comfortable enough to accept it. 残念。

Friday we had a lesson in Aioi with the referral guy. This time we really helped him to understand prayer and God. At first he was resistant, but by the end he started to take it in. After going out to eat with him we biked back to Ako and met with our shigansha. Bad news: his parents are Hantai and he can't be baptized. Good news: he really wants to be baptized and will next May after he turns 20 and doesn't need his parents permission. Sad news: his birthday is May 19th, the very last day I'll have in Japan. Ugh!

Saturday night, following the weekly ping pong activity, a former investigator who's still really good friends with the missionaries and members, along with the help of some members, put together a shokuji for the missionaries! We made okonomiyaki! Don't know what that is? Cabbage pancakes! They're sooo good! You have to try it....really! It was kind of a bye-bye shokuji since one of the shimai is going home

Finally, on Sunday, the shimai going home and both of us had talks in Sacrament meeting. We're actually the only three that talked. I thought talking for 15 minutes in English was hard: It all went well, though. Also, the referral man and our shigansha both came to church! Following the three hours there was another shokuji put on by the branch. Again, kind of a bye-bye shokuji, but it had other purposes, as well. Basically we have TONS of left-overs to eat. It all was really fun. Then, while out housing later that day there were a couple pretty funny contacts we had. I won't go into detail because they're not all that important nor did any of them really have interest. Someday, though!

My legs are already a lot stronger! When we tried to go to Fukuchiyama, we were required to wear pants. Well, the jeans I brought don't really fit anymore around the thighs...

Still on the Mamachari. We went by to see what was up. They're still waiting for another part to come in. That makes it about four weeks now. They told me two.

K, that looks like all I have for this week. My prayers go out that everyone else has good weeks!


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