Monday, September 30, 2013

9/30/13 email

Mom and Dad,

So, this week wasn't all too eventful but we had some awesome successes!

Monday was interesting because there wasn't anything that needed to be done for pday in Nishiwaki, so we rode a half hour out to go to an Aeon Mall--which is a big shopping center in Japan. Well, since it's a small city, the mall was small too. The only thing we really looked at was the Daiso inside (Daiso's are the 100 yen stores) and I got a tie. That makes three new ties: two that I bought and one that was left in the apartment. We left the mall early and it turns out there's a singular Daiso right down the street. We checked that one out, too, but didn't buy any ties there.

Tuesday was Trainer/Trainee Training Meeting (TTTM), so we went down to Kobe for that. The meeting was really cool. We got to talk with Kaicho about our trainers and they got to talk about us, nothing negative, of course. Then we got together and learned more about Kaicho's Red Door-Blue Door analogy for the cleansing and enabling powers of the Atonement. Needless to say it was really spiritual. On the way back, I actually went on a companion exchange with the DL again, so I went back to Miki. We got back late. Oh, I'm also actually in Kobe right now because this could be any one of the four of us last week in the district, so we decided to come to Kobe for, possibly, our last p-day here. Right now, I'm at a weird media cafe where there are showers and tanning beds, and other non-media stuff.

Wednesday my DL and I prepared a lesson we were going to teach to an investigator, but, on the way there, he had the feeling that we shouldn't go. So we housed some apartments that were on the way. After that I went back to Nishiwaki.

On Friday, the only thing worth mentioning is that we had a lesson with our 17-year-old, shy/quiet high school dude. He has much more interest in Christianity than a lot of people, and we found out during that lesson that he knows a lot about Jesus Christ. Anyway, we had a really great lesson with him about eternal life being our hope and baptism bringing joy, and connecting that all in with the Gospel of Christ. Best part--he accepted a baptismal date! There are three yakusokusha's!

Other than that, I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting yesterday. We were actually supposed to talk last week, but the schedule got changed and nobody told us. So, I fortunately had time to polish a highly-rushed talk from the week before. People said they liked it and that they felt the Spirit.
It looks like that's all there is for this week. I hope everyone is well and happy. I'll let you know about what I want in the package probably next week. I'd also guess that it'd take about a week and a half to get here.


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