Monday, September 16, 2013


Dear Mom and Dad,

On Tuesday we taught the parents of a young family for the first time and they said they'd like to hear more, so they invited us back. We haven't taught any of the children yet. President Zinke wants every area to find a family by the end of the year, so we think we found ours.

Wednesdays have been crazy the last couple of weeks because we have regular appointments back to back with the investigator who committed to baptism on 10/6 and our investigator (that was Methodist) in the middle of study time. Both of those lessons went great and the best part is that the Methodist investigator also committed to be baptized--his date is 10/26. I may or may not be there for that depending on if I get transferred.

On Thursday evening we taught a young man who we met while housing. He goes to the high school down the street from the church so he said he'd meet with us on his way home. We weren't too sure if he'd show up because he didn't seem really interested when we talked with him. Well, he did! It turns out he's just a shy, quiet guy but he has a lot of interest, it seems, and really great questions. He's a new investigator this week, as well.

On Sunday there was a dendo fireside in the Fukuchiyama area that every branch in that district went to. It was really good and very spiritual. Also, one of the Japanese members of the Seventy, I believe, was there--he might be in some other leadership group. Everyone knows and loves him.

Today was pretty cool, getting to go to the outskirts of Kyoto and Nara. We had to drive through Osaka to get there so I saw a lot more of the industrial places and HUGE apartment buildings everywhere. The whole drive made me realize that Japan is a lot like Oregon when it comes to landscape. Also, on the way to the church to email real quick, a car, that didn't see me coming, turned in front of me and we collided. Since it had been raining (a typhoon passed nearby) my brakes didn't work very well. My bike has too much mass so I couldn't stop. I'm fine, and the car's fine, so everything's all good.

I'll probably respond to your emails next week, because we literally have 16 minutes left of p-day.


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