Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2nd, 2013 email

Mom and Dad,

I'm sad to say we didn't see as much success this week, though we did see some and are grateful for that.

Last Monday, we went way out after preparation day (so it was pretty dark) to visit a former investigator. She apparently teaches an English and math class at night for teenage kids, so she wasn't super concerned with talking to us at the time. As we talked with her a bit more, she mentioned her class, then had the idea to have us come in and introduce ourselves in English to the kids and talk with them for a while. She ended up really enjoying having us there, as did the kids. We've committed to come to a Halloween party she's throwing for her students and she's committed to come to the Branch Halloween Party, as well as meet with us.

On Tuesday, we planned to take the whole day and just visit potential investigators and newer investigators to see if we couldn't get a lesson in with them. Well, it turned out that we couldn't. We did, however, get a couple of referrals that look promising. At one point, we went to the apartment of the in-active man whose wife wants to learn about the church but has the opposing sokagakkai parents. Turns out, they planned on coming to church that Sunday, the husband wants to get active again, and the wife is considering baptism and really wants to learn. It's funny how these things work out, huh?

Wednesday, the lessons we scheduled didn't end up happening. Bogedahl had the idea of tracting these college apartments waaay out there. When we got there, one of the buildings was closed entirely and the rest of them had a combined three people that answered, and those three didn't really have interest. BUT, on the way back, we decided we had time to tract a little more, so we stopped at another huge apartment complex in town. Turns out it's a popular place for internationals and young people to live at. One of the first doors we came to was one of a prospective investigator. She's full-blooded Chinese but grew up in LA. She decided to move to Japan for a year, just because, and teach English. She's not liking where she's living because her friends aren't nearby; her friends hardly even speak English. The city is small (remember she's from LA) and she's not sure what to do right now; however, she's optimistic and every now and then she and her friends go down to Kobe to go to a Christian church. So, she was actually really interested in what we were telling her at her door and she gave us her phone number and said she'd like to check out the Mormon church more. BAM!

Thursday, a bike tire popped on Bogedahl Choro's bike. We were going to fix it but it turns out that the tire was filled with that goop that automatically repairs small holes. The hole was really big so the goop leaked out and got everywhere, making a patch-job impossible. His bike has weird tires so he couldn't find the right tube and had to order one; that tube will come in a week. So, for the day, we walked around to visit people, so our range was limited. But, we had a great lesson with an investigator. During companionship study, we decided exactly what we were going to teach him--which was stuff we've taught him before--and exactly how we were going to teach it. We're convinced that was guided by the Spirit because he committed to come to church (which he did!) and is progressing now!
There was a typhoon that was going to hit and I was super excited--but it ended up dying down by the time it got to us, so it was just a lot of rain. The last couple of days, we've had a TON of rain and a TON of lighting. It's been awesome. Going shopping earlier today, there was a "semi" that ran through a puddle and sprayed water all over us. Luckily we had our kapas on. Unluckily, my ear is waterlogged a bit. It was actually pretty funny.

I'm so happy to hear that everyone's doing well (Dad and his test, Jaron and his job, Garret and his surgery, etc). Give everyone my love and support, and let them know they'll be in my prayers.


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