Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September 23, 2013 email

Dearest Mom and Dad
This week was a pretty tough week to do a lot of work because of multiple meetings scheduled during the week. I think I told you about the dendo fireside in Fukuchiyama last Sunday. What I didn't mention is that Fukuchiyama is a 90 minute drive away. Well, this Sunday we had another meeting there, this time for all the priesthood leaders in the district. That took up most of the time out of our Sunday. At least Zinke会長 was there and we got to hear him speak.
On Wednesday we taught our two yakusokusha's, and those lessons went really well. I went on a companion exchange to Miki again. We got to Miki in the evening, so we didn't have much time. We did, however, teach a lesson to the one yakusokusha they have in Miki. He's actually a Brazilian named Brandon who can't speak any Japanese, but has really good English. Naturally, we taught him in English. That lessons went so well! He has a Catholic background and already has a strong relationship with God. Especially living here, working at a bread factory, he's turned to God even more. He even had this story to share about when he was back in Brazil: on three separate occasions he was upset and worried. He went on and said how during those three times when he was out in public, a stranger came to him; put their hand on his head; and told him that everything will be alright and that God loves him. He's never been able to find those people, nor find anyone who's heard or seen them, so he's convinced that they were angels or people sent by God. He's seriously ready to follow his Savior.

I think I told you about the 17-year-old girl whose interested in hearing the gospel. Well, Bogedahl and I both felt prompted to go way out and visit her again. We got to the house, but only her older brother was home--he was awesome. He said he'd like to learn more and he has his own car, so he'd be able to take his sister with him to church. Also, after we talked with him, we went and visited with neighbors. The mom came home as we were ending a contact with one of their neighbors. We're hoping she saw us interacting and smiling with the guy, as it'd be really good for her and her family.

I mentioned before that our Methodist investigator is coming to church every week all on his own. He was there again this week but the teachers for Gospel Principles weren't, so we ended up teaching. It was the perfect week because the chapter in the book we're on is the Spirit World, and that's probably what he's most obsessed about. He sat back and paid attention and feasted on the information the whole time. At the end he spoke up and asked if he could get a copy of the book, so we gave one to him. He also asked if he could get an English quad, since in Japanese you can't get a quad due to a company owning printing rights to the Bible here.

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