Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

Mom and Dad,

I'm being transferred to the Kitarokko area! I'm disappointed to leave Nishiwaki because things have really started to pick up and we also have three baptisms scheduled for the next transfer. It'd be nice to see our investigators progress even more. BUT, Bogedahl Choro was in Kitarokko before coming to Nishiwaki and says it is one of the best wards in the mission. I'm excited because it's a big city. My new companion is also Nihonjin (native Japanese), so I'll probably speak very little English the entire time I'm with him. I hope to be fluent by the end of my time with him.

Monday was pretty awesome. You could probably tell I was excited last week to be in Kobe for p-day. When you get off the train in the station closest to the mission home--Sannomiya--you step off in to a HUGE station/shopping center that has TONS of people. All of the stations in the area are like that. All of us from our mission district went to a tabehodai (all you can eat) Brazilian style joint called Brazilianos. It's a really popular place for missionaries to go. There were 6 other missionaries there, as well. I didn't know them, but Bogedahl Choro and my DL did.

Wednesday we had lessons with two of our three yakusokusha's (the 10/6 and 10/27 one). One of our Yakusokusha's new baptism date is 10/27. I'm disappointed that I won't get to witness their baptisms.
Thursday we met with the other yakusokusha; the awesome high school student. Our lesson with him went great. He is an incredible investigator and is going to be an awesome member.

Friday we had a lesson with the family that we had found. We spoke about the restoration of the gospel and the prophet, Joseph Smith. The 14-year-old daughter became really interested and stopped doing her school research to listen. At the end, we the offered the family a Book of Mormon. The mom said they already had one, but the daughter was eyeing it like she really wanted it--so we offered it for her to have as her own and she accepted it. She also committed to go to church yesterday, which she followed through with. I tell you, young people are absolutely the best.

Both of us popped our back tires. Thursday we went to visit someone quite a distance away. As we were going, my tire became flat. Upon inspection I found a small twig that had managed to embed itself into my tire. We walked back home from there. We fixed the tire the next day, then decided that same night we'd try to visit the same person again. We took a different path and as we got within a few kilometers of the place, Bogey had to stop. His tire had popped. He inspected the tire and found a nail that had punctured right through the tire, tube, and into the rim. We fixed his tire the next day but my tire had gone flat again. I pumped it up and it was fine though. Then his and mine were flat again after church. We realized we still had a bit of patching to do, so the last couple days there has been a lot of bike work. Bogedahl Choro says that the bikes in Kitarokko are not so good either, so I'm not too excited for that. However, as long as the bike is big enough for me and doesn't weigh a ton, I'll be happy.

We don't get to see conference until next week because they have to translate it all to Japanese, then we will watch it as a ward.

So that's all! Next week I'll be emailing you from Kitarokko. I'll have to get updates from Bogedahl Choro in order to know what's going on here in Nishiwaki with our investigators.

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