Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 9, 2014 email

Mom and Dad,

We keep discovering things to do around Tottori. When we went to see the castle, the one that doesn't exist anymore, we saw this very cool house/building. Were pretty sure it's a museum. We went back today to check it out and for whatever reason it was closed. It wasn't closed a few weeks ago on prep day! Eversole Choro has this "Tottori Manga Passport" thing he got from his last zone leader. In it is a list of a bunch of places that have cool stuff to check out. One of them was the Sand Museum. You can get cool stamps for the passport. Last week we went to this place called "Warabe Kan". It's this toy and music museum.
Anyway, the museum had this exhibit on the first floor of old Japanese musicians that created kids' music. There were tons of booths where you could listen to the music and stuff. There was also a room where you could try out various musical instruments and a children's anime song karaoke machine. Eversole Choro, being an avid lover of music, had too much fun. The second and third floors were both focused on toys--all kinds of weird toys and machines.
So the week before last, the only things really worth mentioning are the baptisms, sooo... not much else for that, I'm afraid.

On Wednesday we had a kokan with the elders in Kurayoshi. We both went there for all four of us to work there. There are also 3 shimai there, so for that day there were 7 missionaries working in Kurayoshi. One cool part was talking with the senior companion at one point about following the Spirit and dendo'ing through the grace of Christ. Later that day as we were out housing there was one door that totally was a textbook example of what I had told him an hour earlier. He and I both realized it after and had to marvel at how awesome the Gospel is.

Thursday we had Zone Training Meeting in Yonago, so we all went straight from Kurayoshi. ZTM was way good; our Zone Leaders are seriously the best and everyone learned a lot. The best part of the day was after ZTM. We had our Bye Bye Taikai with the Zinke's since they're leaving in a couple of weeks and the new mission president will come. It was actually kind of sad talking to them for the last time, but it was a really great meeting. Zinke Kaicho and Shimai talked with us about all sorts of things, especially what's going to happen when the new President comes. Of course, they also talked about how what you learn on your mission can be applied to every aspect of your life, for the rest of your life. Talk about being a missionary your whole life!

The best, best part: during lunch time at ZTM, the zone leaders had all the Choro's to take off our suit coats and empty our pockets for a service project upstairs. None of us had a clue what kind of service project would have us do that, but naturally we went and found out. One of the zone leaders, Hapi Choro, is from New Zealand. Kaicho has asked him to do the Haka. This being a very special event, Hapi Choro decided it was time to do the Haka for Kaicho. You can't just do the Haka with one person--you need lots!

You probably guessed by now that we did the Haka for Kaicho! It's probably the craziest thing I'll do on my mission, but it was sooo funny. We only had maybe 30 minutes to practice during lunch so none of us actually had all the words and motions down other than Hapi Choro. It was great and Kaicho loved it. Zinke Shimai was probably a bit surprised. If I can, I'll try to get one of the videos the Shimai took and send it to you.

Responses: The key chain/ornament things are just little goodies I figured you would enjoy. The orange one is called an "o-mamori": It's like a protection amulet. You can send the SD card back.
That's all I have for this week. Now I have to quickly write a letter to Kaicho before 6 o'clock! Sorry for the abrupt ending. Give anyone and everyone my best!


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