Monday, June 2, 2014

May 19th, 2014 email

Mom and Dad,

That's right! I can hardly believe it either! I've been out for a year! Luckily for me, the top of this hump just leads to another hump! No going downhill for me!

I don't really have any time to email today because we finally went to the Tottori sand dunes and the sand art museum. It was pretty cool and pretty hot. It's getting to be summer time around here!

I spent a bunch of my email time getting pictures sorted around on my SD cards so I can finally send it home. That's right! I'll most likely get the package off this week! So...I figured that I could take a week to not write a very interesting email and make up for it by finally getting that package sent off. :)

Just know that this week was great! It was way hectic towards the end with zone taikai--during which Zinke Kaicho and Shimai gave us the run down on what's going to happen during their last days here, since it's their last zone taikai--and investigators calling us for lessons out of the blue. Good stuff though. Give my best to everyone!


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