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June 16, 2014 email

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: it's gone waaay to fast! I can't believe it...

In other news: I'm transferring! I'll be heading to Shimogamo this week to be companions with Mineta Choro--another nihonjin! Mineta Choro actually was in Nishiwaki right before Bogey and I went there. From what I've heard, he's pretty cool. Another cool fact: Bogey served in Shimogamo, as well! Bogey had been in Kitarokko right before Nishiwaki; Hiratsuka Choro was in Tottori before Kitarokko; Bogey was in Shimogamo

I think I didn't mention this, but a couple weeks ago we got a call from this couple that are former investigators. They got busy with their daughter and her newborn, but now that she's moved back to Kyoto, they're able to investigate again. One of the main reasons they want to meet with us is because they both love and are pretty good at English. You can never underestimate investigators: one such investigator is now one of the Assistants in this mission. He converted, baptized, then went to the temple and on his mission hardly a year later! But anyways, they picked us up at the church to take us back to their house for lunch and various discussions--in English, of course. They made us sushi, and it was way good! I pray that sushi in America is somewhat close to Japanese sushi... Anywho, they said they wanted to have us over again and talk about our church and other American things. They're two way nice people with a way nice house (it was pretty American-esque, if I remember whaat American houses look like).

I also had a kokan in Kurayoshi this last week. I picked the worst possible day to kokan because out of nowhere there was a hugh monsoon that came through. The road in front of the Kurayoshi church house was seriously flooded. It was kinda funny and sad at the same time to see high school students cross the street with water up to their knees. Naturally, the storm made it hard to dendo because there's virtually nobody outside, and those that are don't want to stop for even a moment to tell you they're not interested. It wasn't all that bad, though, because we had a lesson with one of their investigators that we had to plan for and teach. He's this way cool high schooler that seriously could be American. His English is great. He already has a strong dendo fire because he goes dendo'ing with the missionaries and tells people to listen to the Elders. He wants to be baptized but his parents won't let him until he's an adult. Here, the legal age is 20, not 18. He's only 16...

A couple days after that we also had a kokan with the zone leaders. It wasn't a long kokan, just from 11-ish in the morning to 4-ish in the afternoon. But, it was a way great kokan. The zone leader and I talked about how I can be a better district leader.

The last cool thing that happened this week was yesterday. It was a new experience and we have a new investigator, which is always nice. We had a "Free Family English Program" lesson with a less active woman's son. It's this program where we meet someone for 6 weeks and teach them a half hour English lesson, and a half hour Gospel lesson. The guy we taught--a 13-year-old middle schooler-- was also an investigator long ago, so he was pretty excited to learn English and more about the church. At the end of those 6 weeks, they can continue the program or drop it. If they want to drop just the Gospel parts and not the English, then the missionaries invite them to come to eikaiwa from then on. It's this program that most missions in the Asia North area are utilizing recently. It hasn't really taken off yet in this mission, but in Korea they've been doing if for a while and it brought considerable success. But, back to the point, it was cool to have this sort of lesson for the first time. His mom really likes the missionaries, so everything is working out well.
That seems to be all there is for this week! Thanks for all the love and support! Give my best to everyone, and I'll email you next week from Shimogamo. That's in Kyoto, by the way! I've always wanted to go to Kyoto!

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