Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014 email

Hey, so we keep finding lots of things to do around Tottori, so this week will be another short email. I'll explain more next week

Mom and Dad,

You're probably thinking of one thing particular you want to read in this email. Well...

Yes! The baptism did go through last week! It went really well, in fact; however, I did have to immerse him twice to get it right because the "font" was so shallow. You'll see the picture! It was an awesome experience.

To keep this short! I'll throw in that the very next day we went over to Kurayoshi so I could baptize the shimai's investigator! Naturally, getting to baptize two people two days in a row was very awesome. This is the investigator that was going to be baptized back in March, but problems came up and it had to be postponed. She was so happy to finally be baptized! Our investigator was too, of course. He kept texting us saying, "only two days, right?" "it's tomorrow, isn't it?" "it's finally today!" Except it was all in Japanese! When I got to the Kurayoshi church, the first thing I was told to do was go and see the investigator because she was way anxious for me to arrive. she could hardly believe it!

I'll probably end this email here because I don't have much time left and I still have to write Kaicho. ごめんね! To make up for it, I'll put the baptismal pics on. Love you all!


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