Monday, March 23, 2015

3/23/15 email

New training to dendo with digital devices! Looks like the iPads will be rolling out this week and my zone will get them on Wednesday.
Mom and Dad,

Small change from my last email: DL's will no longer be going to the MLC that will be happening tomorrow. Turns out they separated it and will go the following week to DLC! We may also have to go a little farther for ZTM later this week to get our iPads, because the plan is for it to be in Marugame instead of Takamatsu.

We had an FHE last week following prep day. We went to the house of this older couple who got baptized a few years ago. They absolutely love the missionaries and basically treat them like their grandkids! Apparently they usually do this every week, but the wife broke her back a little while ago so they started up again this last week. They've been doing this almost every week for the last couple years and have TONS of pictures of all the missionaries that have come through. The both of them are super genki and hilarious despite being old enough to actually be my grandparents!

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that place pretty far away that we went to the second or third day after getting here? It has the super nice houses. We went out there the next day to do some more housing. We quickly found that although it looks small on the map, there are sooo many doors to knock on! What's more is the other neighborhood, next to this one, is at least 6 times bigger! We're going to be housing that place for forever!
Before Eikaiwa on the same day we had a lesson with the guy who had all the questions. Lamb Choro likes to call him a "truth-seeker." We taught him about the Godhead and about prayer to start things off and see where he's at. He actually knows the Bible really well and compares things to it all the time. It wasn't an incredibly remarkable lesson but it was still a great one. He said he'd come to church the next Sunday!

Thursday, we were invited over for lunch to the house of the really old member who drove us home from District Taikai. The funny thing is in the Taikai one of the speakers said that members need to have the missionaries over more to be strengthened by them, build better relationships with them, and show your appreciation. He came to us after the Taikai and invited us over! He's such an amusing old guy with one of the kindest personalities. He's also pretty open.

The next day the whole mission gathered in Kobe for the taikai with Nelson Choro! Ringwood Kaicho, the Area President, was also there, as well as one more man from the missionary department. Welch Kaicho also invited all of the stake and district presidents to attend and most of them were able to come. We got basically a run down and preliminary training--a lot of it--on how the iPads will be rolled out into our mission and how they'll be used and such. The strangest part--that wasn't too strange when you realize this is one of the Twelve Apostles--was the fact that Nelson Choro kept bringing up marriage and finding the right person. In fact, that was the very first thing he talked about; not iPads! It was a great taikai and now everyone is even more excited to get the iPads going. After getting home from that--which took a while--we had only game night left in our schedule. I almost beat one of the best ping pong players in the branch!

Saturday was really busy because we had a lesson with the couple who we were going to teach last Saturday, but they ended up not being able to make it and so rescheduled for this day. They're doing the half-Enlgish, half-Gospel lessons, but it ended up being all in English and about the Gospel, so win-win! The wife grew up with a Christian mom and is way into the lessons, and the husband kinda chills while leads the conversation. The two of them--well, especially the wife, seem pretty interested in the Plan of Salvation. I'm really looking forward to their lessons.

Right after that lesson--literally RIGHT after--we met with the truth seeker again! He had questions about the Bible and comparing it with the Book of Mormon. We answered all of his questions and for the next little while he actually asked us questions about English! He loves English and America, so that's almost like a second objective of his meeting with us.

On Sunday he came to church and the theme of Sacrament Meeting was faith, so Roylance Choro and I were optimistic about all the talks on faith and how it'd help him. It had an opposite effect: when we talked to him following the meeting, he said that for now it'd be better to not come to church because he doesn't have faith like everyone else there does. We explained faith and reiterated parts of the talks for him and assigned him to read from Alma 32 for the time being. We have another appointment with him for tomorrow after Eikaiwa.

Yes, it was Elder Russell M. Nelson that came to the mission on Friday.

Okay, that's all I have for this week! Next week is looking to be pretty exciting and eventful too! I won't even try to guess how that email is going to go. Spread my love to everyone!

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