Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015

The Rock is turning out to be pretty awesome! I'm starting to see why people, especially members, are so happy and upbeat here!

On Tuesday morning we had our first lesson here! It was with an older couple who like the missionaries and are probably the most mellow people in the world. If they lived in America, I'd imagine them living in high-class neighborhood in a small city. They're both super friendly and love meeting the missionaries--though they're pretty busy and can't meet often--and they love going places with them. They were talking about taking us to several big spots in Tokushima like the Naruto whirlpools and the most famous museum in Japan that's a replica of the Sistine Chapel and filled with tons of famous pieces and stuff! This was mainly a get-to-know-you lesson so we didn't end up teaching much about the Gospel, but becoming their friends.

Wednesday we became the clean-up crew! All 6 of us. We took about an hour and a half to walk around the eki picking up litter on the streets and throwing it away. Not for any particular reason nor under any direction, we just want to get more service opportunities. We did that while wearing the yellow Mormon Helping Hands vests, so that was pretty neat.

The next day was gyoza challenge day. Gyoza is a Japanese pot-sticker, and they're super delicious! There's a restaurant here that has a gyoza challenge: eat 60 of them! It's actually not much of a challenge because they give you 3 hours, you can order them at your pace, and there's not prize for doing it, nor penalty for not. It's just a fun thing to do with your friends--one more member got 30: he looked like he was going to be sick.
Then, on Friday, we had ZTM, so we had to go to Takamatsu from that. The problem was the bus to there was way late, and we had to rent bikes there and ride to the church. The people who hadn't done it before had to do paperwork to be able to--and one of the shimai is new and not too skilled at riding a bike, so we ended up being pretty late. Luckily, both the zone leaders are way chill--one was in my MTC district, and the other in my last district--so they weren't mad. Made for a pretty stressful day, though! We also had game night that night, and I lost at ping pong to one of the best players in the branch 9-11!

Saturday was pretty frustrating because it was drizzling all day while trying to visit 6 people--a couple LA's, a couple referrals, and an investigator--but we weren't able to meet any of them. At least earlier that day we went to lunch with the other choro's and one of our PI's who comes to all the church activities and loves Enlgish, so they day wasn't entirely disappointing. Then, that night we had volleyball!

Yesterday was probably one of the busiest and happiest Sundays ever. We had an investigator who said he'd come to church if it wasn't raining, but the weather report said it would be. We prayed that it wouldn't, and although it was cloudy, it didn't rain and he came! We also had a shokuji after church, then following that we had a dendo fireside with the branch to help them get into the dendo spirit more, and the missionaries had a big chunk of that time to fill. That meant basically that they made me get up and say everything since they thinks I'm as fluent as a Nihonjin.
My shigansha in Ako is scheduled to be baptized on May 20th, so I may get permission to leave the honbu and go to that!

Shikouku, the entire island, is nicknamed the Rock. Virtue Island is what Tokushima means in English, though most Nihonjin argue that names don't actually have meaning or significance.

Okay, that's just about all for this week! It's pouring down rain outside, so this area is becoming more and more favorable to me! :) Usually when it rains here it just sprinkles a bit, but never actually rain rain. Give out my best! いざ、さらば!


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