Sunday, April 26, 2015

3/30/15 email

Mom and Dad,

This week, we were really looking forward to getting a lot of lessons
done, but several of them cancelled on us at the last minute. Overall,
it still went pretty great and we had a lot going on! Our weekends are
going to be super busy over the next couple of weeks!

Last Tuesday we had a lesson with our truth seeker. He had a few tough questions about our views and beliefs of the Bible. He seems to be trying to prove religions right and wrong with physical and scientific evidence, so we need to help him find the spiritual evidences that are everywhere.

The next day we had to travel out to Marugame for the taikai to receive our iPads. First we had to take a two hour bus to Takamatsu; then ride a 40-ish minute train to Marugame; then rent bikes and bike the last 20 minutes to the church--so it ended up being quite the
adventure. Following the taikai we started a kokan with the zone
leaders, so I brought Akagi Choro back to Tokushima with me and left
Roylance Choro in Marugame. Did I mention that Akagi Choro was in my
MTC district? I finally got to dendo with someone from the MTC!
Unfortunately, we got back at about 8:30 at night so there wasn't any
time for dendo on Wednesday.

The next day we did have some time, but not a whole lot. A
chunk of that time was taken up with biking to an area of town that I
thought was a lot closer than it actually was. We did manage to
contact a handful of people and even gave out a Book of Mormon on the
street! Then we had to go to the eki to met up with the other two and
end the kokan. We were going to have a lesson after that, but that was
one of the ones that got cancelled.

The next day I went out in the morning with one of the other choro's
to teach an investigator that lives kind of far away because his
companion was sick. That was a great lesson! It was actually
with their truth seeker, so the lessons I've been getting to teach
lately have been pretty awesome! The rest of the day was spent
preparing for an hour gig that we had to teach at the youth conference
for all of Shikoku. We planned out a scripture chase where they had to
read scriptures to get clues as to where the next scripture was hidden
around the church. At each location was the scripture hint to the next
location and a small passage from a story in the Book of Mormon that
we'd have them piece together and act out. At the end we had them
discuss what they learned and how they can apply that. Our job
basically was to get them psyched up to dendo by using the scriptures,
and it seemed to work pretty well!

The next day we spent basically the whole day in normal clothes
because in the morning we went to a members place to help them with a
move that lasted through the afternoon. Following the move we were
taken back to the church where we found one of the newer members
trying to clean the church as part of his assignment. The other
members that were supposed to be there didn't show, so we helped him
clean the church for quite a while. Right as we finished, one of our
investigators showed up to the church so we had to taught him on the
spot in our street clothes. That was with the guy we ran into at the
eki when we first got here. We used the iPad to teach him about The
Plan of Salvation and it worked great even though we didn't get a
chance to plan out the lesson! We were then going to have another
lesson with the truth seeker, but he cancelled. We also had an
appointment that morning that got cancelled.

Lastly, on Sunday we had lesson with the guy from a couple weeks ago
that studies a lot of religions and respects all of them. We read with
him through 2 Nephi 31 to show him the importance of following the
one and only straight and narrow path of God. He actually understands the scriptures really well;
I was pretty surprised! He did promise that at some point in this life
he would join the church and be baptized, so I guess the next thing we
have to work on is helping him to not procrastinate following his Savior. After
the lesson we (all four of us) biked out really far to visit this old
couple from the branch. The husband is sick and confined to their
house and the wife has to take care of him, so they can't come to
church. The husband was actually the stake patriarch back when Shikoku
was all one stake, and he was the only one on Shikoku, so he's the
only one to ever have been given that authority. They were really
grateful we came by and were ecstatic to talk with us! They wanted to
feed us okonomiyaki (the cabbage pancakes) but that would have meant
us being late I getting home, so they invited us back for another
time. We sprinted the hour or so back to the apartment to end the

お誕生日おめでとう〜〜Double exclamation mark

Give my best to everybody! I'll write again next week!


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