Sunday, February 1, 2015

January 26th, 2015

Morin Choro and I decided that our motto for this transfer is E=mc2. Why? Well, Energy is directly proportional to mass according to this very famous equation, right? So, no matter how tired we are, we still have mass, so we still have energy! Sure, it's taking the concept and flipping it completely upside down and destroying the principle behind it, but as long as we weigh next to nothing or more, we'll work 'til we drop. Or cease to exist...

Mom and Dad,
This week started of on a pretty good note. We had interviews! The last interview I had was almost three transfers ago! Welch Kaicho and I talked about a lot of good stuff. I prepped beforehand and wrote down a few concerns and questions I wanted to have him answer. One of them just came up naturally without any prompt from me, and he responded with the answer. I realized his response was the real answer to all the rest. So, when he asked if there was anything else on my mind, I looked at the notes in my planner for a good 15 seconds without saying anything because I was hit by that realization. Fortunately, I feel like I found a few other answers to prayers from the ZL's and what not.

Another great thing that happened this week! The guy that takes us out to eat and suddenly lost all interest is getting back up again! Randomly when we visited him last week he mentioned how he actually read a bit of the Book of Mormon. That was probably the best news of the week! The rest of the lesson, though kind of difficult to really get through to him, also went really well.
The day after, we met with the Methodist guy. This time he was really focused on learning more about the Book of Mormon and didn't go off onto other tangents. Again, it was another 2-2.5 hour lesson of answering questions. In the end, he definitely came out with much more interest in the Book of Mormon and committed to focus more time on reading it!

Lastly, Sunday was great! This week was branch conference, so the stake presidency all came out and the other people with stake callings. Four of those people are from the Kitarokko ward, so I got to see and talk with them for the first time in a while! The whole ward is still doing well, but there are no longer shimai working there, only four choro's. That was kind of inevitable because the number of shimai in the mission has dropped so much and will continue to. The Stake President, Kojima Kaicho, and his First Counselor both gave fantastic talks. In two weeks we have Kobe Stake Taikai, so I'll get to see everyone (almost) from the Kitarokko ward again!

C'est la vie = しょうがない or 仕方がない--read "shou ga nai" or "shikata ga nai" Literally means 'can't be helped' or 'no way of doing'.

Okay, that's all I have to say for now. I have a hard time really deciding if any one of my emails in particular is long or short, so I'll leave that for you to decide! Write you again next week!


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