Sunday, February 1, 2015

December 22, 2014

Mom and Dad,

It was kind of a slow week this time. A lot of our investigators cancelled on us and we had a lot of other stuff to do that kept us from normal dendo.

Last week we had an appointment for right after preparation day but we couldn't find a member to doseki (and we needed one because we were going to be teaching two women). Things ended up working out and all in all the lesson went really well! The women we taught commented on how this is a message she thinks everyone in Japan needs to hear!

On Wednesday, the day was really cold. I decided to put two sweaters on rather than just one, but the other Choro was practically freezing in his five layers. One of the other Choro's in Ako is from Texas and he went out with six layers and still felt freezing cold. Everyone says that there's something wrong with my body.

Friday we had ZTM in Akashi, so we spent half our day over there. We had a good chunk of the training on stress management. I don't feel all that stressed, but I still found it helpful. All the other training was also great. We also got new phones in the whole mission! It was like Christmas! It was also really funny to watch everyone try to figure out how to use the phone with everything written in Japanese! We also got news at ZTM that we won't be getting iPads 'til the beginning of Spring, so there's a chance I may never get to use one even though I was at the very meeting when they announced them!

On Saturday we had the branch Christmas program. In the afternoon we went to an old-folks home and spent an hour doing Christmas stuff with them. Morin Choro and I got to dress up as Santa and hand out presents to them. Then, a few hours later at the Christmas program we got to be Santa again and be super goofy and jolly and give presents to everyone all over again. Probably the best Christmas of my life!

Wish everyone a Merry Christmas on my behalf! Extra points if you do it in Japanese!


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