Sunday, February 1, 2015

January 12th, 2015

As for transfer news, I will be staying in Ako, as will the other three. This breaks my record for the number of transfers I'll be staying for in one area (previously it was three in Kitarokko and Tottori). I'm actually pretty surprised because I figured Kaicho would put me somewhere else for my last three transfers.
Well, last week we actually went to Himeji Castle for real. Its still under construction to touch it up or something, so we couldn't actually go into the main castle itself. We did get to walk within the walls and other structures around the main castle and look at various exhibits they have set up. Pretty neat stuff!

We met with the branch president twice during the week to go through every name on the member record to see who still lives where it says they do and who doesn't. Apparently, since the actually branch clerk is LA, none of it has been updated on the form. So literally half of the people on the record don't even live where it says they do. Now we have a lot of work cut out for us on figuring out where they've gone to and reactivating the one's we know the residence of.
Friday was the best day this week! We had ZTM in Akashi so we headed out for that, but we missed the train and had to wait another hour for the next one, making us a bit late. ZTM was really great, beneficial, and spiritually uplifting, so I came out feeling much better than I did going in. I want to ganbaru more despite the various problems and setbacks that are around me.

After ZTM, we biked to Aioi to have a lesson with the guy that takes us out to eat. Something changed in him--he got around to saying that he really didn't have interest in the Book or Mormon or religion. Having been teaching him for a couple transfers, I know that he had interest before. I don't know what happened, but he'll still meet with us mainly because he's retired, has nothing to do, and likes the company. Other than that lesson, we biked around Aioi contacting a few referrals a man in the branch gave us. There're all just people he knew at work 20 or so years ago. We also tried to find a less active that the shimai were working with before some issue with her family arose that now prevents her from continuing to meet.

Late last night we visited the apartment of one of those LA's that doesn't live there any more to hopefully get some info as to where he moved. We asked the guy living there now if the previous guy (the LA) moved, and he said he's not sure at all because he's been living there for 5 years. We have a whooole lot of work to do!


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