Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014 email

Mom and Dad,

I don't have too much time to write this week because we went to one of the castles in Tottori area. Tottori Castle is by the eki. It's actually just the ruins of Tottori Castle--there really isn't any more castle left. After all that hiking we got to look out over all of Tottori from the top of the super big hill, so it was cool.

Tuesday was one of the busiest days I've had in a while. We scheduled a couple lessons that day, neither of which were planned or mogi'ed. The day was spent basically planning and mogi'ing the lessons. We met with the Christian guy and the other two seishinbyo guys. Both lessons ended up going pretty well despite the lack of time. That day we also had an exchange with the zone leaders, which didn't make the schedule any easier--but we all felt pretty accomplished. For dinner we scrambled around to konbibi's to buy melon pan and ice cream, then ate the ice cream-filled melon pan--probably the most unhealthy dinner I've had, but it was delicious.
Thursday we had another lesson with the Christian guy. He's doing really well and is progressing toward baptism.

Friday was district meeting! Weeks don't last long enough. I feel like I'm teaching a district meeting every day! I've adjusted to it and can plan a fairly solid district meeting within a limited time because the Lord helps me do it. He knows I'd crash and burn if I did it all on my own. Last prep day we found this video called "Be Not Afraid," which actually used to be a training video for the Japan Kobe Mission. It's about an elder who served here in the early 90's and was a super-star missionary, but started out like any normal trainee does. It accounts his story of when he served in the Maizuru area. It's a pretty rural area. At that time, the branch was only three women and the two elders. Now there are about 10 or 11 active members, if I remember correctly. The video is about how he and his companion did all they could to work hard and rely on the Lord. They found a male convert that would become the branch's first priesthood holder. It was honestly a great video and I'm disappointed they don't still use it. I feel it could help a lot of missionaries--not just in this mission either.
One onegai I have for this week: Could you send instructions on how to tie various tie knots (half-windsor, full-windsor, double-windsor, etc.). With all the ties I have of different shapes, materials, lengths, and such, there's no knot that really works for them all.

That's all I have to email this week! I look forward to emailing again next week. Until then, give my best to everybody!


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