Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014 email

Mom and Dad,
It's been an interesting week due to more bike issues, but the Lord helped us out quite a bit because we had less time to dendo as a result.

Since Eversole Choro's bike's shifter gear fell off, we left it at the shop and borrowed a mamachari from the recent convert guy. Mamachari's are terrible bikes, just so you know; in addition this one was too small for Eversole Choro and way too small for me. The real story of this week begins on Tuesday. We were at the church emailing, when the PI who's way interested in Christianity and grew up wanting to be a Christian came way early for eikaiwa. We usually have DCS right before eikaiwa, so we rearranged our time things around so he wouldn't have to wait around. We also had a follow-up appointment at 6:30, so we had to leave early to make it before eikaiwa. As we're going to the appointment, my tire popped on something! We got there and the guy was just leaving because he apparently had some other thing going we turned around and went back to the church.

After patching the punk, I found another! I patched that one and then found another punk after that one! I think I ended up patching 7 punks.We finally got that done, but a lot of our day was spent.
But anyway, we met with the less-active guy: he's becoming closer and closer to reactivation. We had a very spiritual lesson with him. It was also very interesting because he decided to do a role-play of what his childhood would've been like if he'd grown up in the church, and the inevitable argument that would've ensued between him and his mom on Sunday morning. You have to know this guy for it to be as funny as it was.
Friday we had mensetsu's (interviews)! As always, it was awesome. Zinke Kaicho is seriously the best. I'm not looking forward to when he leaves in a couple months and is replaced. He talked about how for us, as the Lord's missionaries to astonish the world, we have to first astonish ourselves. I've yet to truly astonish myself on my mission, so I'll have to work fast to get around to astonishing the world in the next 13 months.

Saturday we got to watch General Conference. Before that, we went to the nearby sports park and worked out with the PI. He's one of those people who are into fitness and what not. It may not be winter anymore, but at 6 in the morning it's still kind of chilly outside. After we worked out with, we studied at the apartment, then went to the church to watch GC. For the hour breaks between the sessions, we went out and dendo'd on the street in front of the church. We didn't find anyone that had was interested, but it was still good. No effort is wasted when it comes to missionary work, even when the members do it. Everything prepares people to eventually receive the Gospel.

Sunday we had more General Conference sessions, to which a couple investigators came as well as the Christian PI. He really seemed to like it and the other people found it interesting. I can't decide which one was my favorite, but there were some that I enjoyed more than others.

Sunday night we finally had a lesson with the PI. He is very interested in learning more. It's awesome to have a person who's listens so intently and grasps what we are teaching him. He's a very spiritual guy. It was a great first lesson with him.


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