Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014 email

Mom and Dad,
Things worked out well this week. We visited a lot of former investigators. All of those whom we met with were super nice, but weren't interested in investigating. One of them, an old gentleman, talked for quite a bit of time about a variety of topics. At one point he talked about fighting in the war (not sure which, probably Korean) with planes falling from the sky and crashing around him. We managed to teach some gospel principles into our conversation.

Thursday we had a lesson with the christian guy and the two seishinbyo's that always meet together. The lesson with the christian guy went very well. We didn't  have a lot of time beforehand to prepare as much as we wanted, so we taught off of our general notes. The lesson ended up being guided entirely by the Spirit and, therefore, went great. At the next lesson one of the members walked into the room in the middle of the lesson and sat down to be the member present, although we didn't request a member or anything for the lesson. Anyway, our two investigators both accepted a date to be baptized!

Friday, we had district meeting--yes, I taught it. It was pretty fun, and went very well. Adequate preparing beforehand makes a big difference. The last one I did, I only did some of the prep because most of it was already prepared by the assistants; I don't think it went as well as I wanted it to. This time, I made sure to plan as best I could. It certainly paid off. Everyone enjoyed it! We also found a high school student who said we could come back the next day to share more!

Saturday we met with the Christian guy again. He accepted a date, too! His date is May 24th, but I'm almost certain it'll end up being sooner. He understands everything we teach. He understood the need for priesthood authority before we even taught him what the priesthood is! It's great! When we first extended a date, it was May 25th, but he said he was busy that day. Then I said the 24th, and he just went "Ya, that works."

Saturday night we went back to visit the high schooler and his family. When his dad came to the door, he was super nice about it but turned us away. That's one of the hurdles with almost every housing contact in Japan. The kids say it's fine to come back, but then the parents just laugh and say no. One time in Kitarokko, I rang the video feed and a high school age girl answered. I heard her on the other side laugh and tell someone else that she was talking to someone who wasn't Japanese. Then the dad pulled up in his car and asked what we wanted. At the same time, the daughter came out and was like "missionaries?!" in a way excited way. Then the dad said that his family didn't have any interest.

Sunday we went housing for several hours straight. Nobody showed any real interest. That's dendo for you: one day will be super great and the next day not so much. Can't be helped, I guess, but that's basically what happened this week.
Thanks for all you wrote me this week! I really do appreciate your efforts to write me no matter how frequently--or infrequently--you manage to find time. どうもありがとうございます!


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