Monday, August 18, 2014

8/18/14 email

Mom and Dad,

So I'll get right to the stuff since there's not much time. We had a crazy preparation day today. I'll tell you more about it next week.

Last week we ended up going to Nijo Castle! It was actually Eversole Choro's birthday and he wanted to go to a place called Arashiyama where you can chill with a bunch of monkeys. But, since the typhoon came through we figured it'd be very muddy. Nijo Castle was pretty cool, though. It's not much like other castles, it's rather the living quarters for the samurai Shogun's. There's one meeting hall that you can go into, but you can't take any pictures inside.

Tuesday I had a kokan with Muhonen Choro. We didn't have any lessons planned so it was an entire day outside contacting people. I've had plenty of days without appointments, but this was the first day I've spent every moment apart from study time and meal time contacting people. It was a pretty hot, humid day and not many people were on the street due to the recent typhoon. We managed to talk to quite a few but didn't have quite so many thorough contacts that talked with us and let us get to an invitation. I feel it was a really successful day, though! In the end, it doesn't matter how many new investigators you find or anything like that. If it's the Lord's will you spend 8 hours or so talking to people and not get a single appointment or phone number, and you DO it, then it's a successful day!

Wednesday we had Zone Taikai! Taikai is always the best! Kaicho talked to us a lot about baptism. hat was actually the theme of the whole taikai. He even gave US homework! I never thought I'd be more happy to receive and do homework in my life! OF course he also gave us great training, as did the AP's. The taikai took daitai (approximately) the whole day so we only had time for that and for eikaiwa.

Thursday we had a lesson with the Hikari investigators. We taught them about prayer and how to pray. We helped them understand it's a conversation with our Heaven Father, then we all took turns praying together. It went so well! Both of them felt the Spirit--though they don't know what the Spirit is yet--and the woman even said there was something special about the feeling! It's always the Spirit that does the real teaching.

Saturday we went to Daimonji with those two investigators. Daimonji is where they write big kanji and other simple pictures on the side of 6 different mountains using fire. The place from where we were watching was kind of foggy and there were tons of trees (and people) so we didn't see as well as we hoped. But, a pretty cool thing to experience.

The Hikari religion is kind of hard to explain, but basically they believe they have power directly from God. It's more along the lines of using to accomplish healings and cleansings and stuff like that.
Love you all and wish you the best!


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