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8/11/14 email

Knowing you, you probably already know, but a typhoon came and hit just about every inch of the mission! More details to follow!

Mom and Dad,

This week was pretty level in terms of how it went. I mentioned at some point how all of our investigators and PI's are gone for summer we went and did A LOT of finding this week.

Last week we didn't end up going anywhere for preparation day. We were going to go to Nijou Castle, but halfway to the store to buy food I noticed a little metallic something sticking in my front tire. Somehow a thumb tack ended up on the road and into my tire. The air didn't actually leak out, though! We continued on, shopped, then found my tire to be flat. The worst part was we didn't have anything to patch it with! I ended up just grabbing a tube from a spare wheel and putting that in. The dimensions are slightly different than my wheel, but it's worked good thus far! Long story short: didn't go to Nijou-jou.

Thursday we had a lesson with the Catholic man and Hikari woman. Turns out they're actually both in the Hikari religion. And apparently it's not actually classified as a religion. We spent a good portion of the lesson just talking about them and their background. We didn't get around to teaching much, but it was no doubt a strong lesson. Towards the end we asked about their beliefs on God. We testified about our own beliefs and invited them to think about it. The main thing that they were surprised about was the idea that God has a body. When Eversole Choro and I were companions before in Tottori we taught pretty powerful lessons. We're trying to involve the investigators more and listen to what they say rather than just teaching. This lesson we didn't teach as much, but it was absolutely just as strong as any other lesson we taught in Tottori!

The next day something crazy happened! There are tons of apartment buildings around the house, but they're all "lock-outs--you can't get in unless you live there or someone living there lets you in. We came to this one odd apartment building that looked like a lock out.We saw that there was no closed door keeping people without the code out, so we went in and housed The first room we went to had this way interesting older woman that was way energetic and talkative. She talked right up 'til the time we had to go back to the house and put another hour on the rice cooker! She didn't say much about religion, but said she'd be more than happy to meet again and talk! She even gave us this book and her business card! After that we went back down to the lobby and out the doorway. Then I stopped to turn around and saw that there was a closed door--unlike when we first got there. I stepped to it to see if it would open and it didn't! It was a lock-out! We're more than certain that it was an opportunity sent from the Lord to meet that woman. There's no other way it could've happened: lock-out doors never stay open like it did when we first walked up!

Saturday it rained. A lot. It's great that I love the rain!

Sunday it rained a ton. Sunday was when the typhoon hit. church was actually cancelled, as well as the church in most of the areas around the mission! Through the morning and early afternoon there was quite a bit of rain and wind, but it really wasn't anything serious. We were able to go out and dendo while it was still going on since it wasn't very strong. We were hoping for service opportunities like cleaning up yards from debris and other objects that weren't there before, but there was nothing of the sort to be found... We did manage to find one really solid PI! As expected, he leaves for summer break this week and won't be back for a few weeks.

Everything is going fine. It's been a little frustrating having maybe a couple lessons a week and nobody new to teach. I've realized and decided recently that there's a lot I still need to change to be a better servant. Scott Choro says it really can be done in no time at all; it's all about commitment.

The area is awesome! I've said that before, most likely. There are lots of people to talk to, lots of different places to go, and lots of things to do. I've confirmed that Kyoto really is the best place in Japan.

The members are all very good! The bishop and second counselor are pretty young like in Tottori and have lots of fire. Everyone has good fire, actually! There are even a couple of youth that are prepping to serve missions right now. None of them are leaving soon but they're already excited!


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