Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24th, 2014 email

Mom and Dad,

There's so much that I'm not sure where to begin.

Wednesday morning the ZL's had us come over to Yonago to do an exchange so I could receive some DL training from them--and then we would all leave for Kobe for DLC. They wanted us in the Yonago church by 10 and it's a 2 hour train ride, so we had to get up very early. Once there, we split off and I, along with the other DL in the zone, received training from the ZL's. Then the four of us went to lunch at a way cool sushi place. I'll admit it now: sushi is a way good--real sushi. Then we had a bit more training, then we caught a bus all the way to Kobe. There was some wreck on the highway, so we spent about a half hour or so sitting in one spot without moving the slightest. We were in transit about 4 hours on the road, but we made it to Kobe before 9pm.

After spending the night in the Kobe apartment, we had DLC the next day. Holy cow, it was incredible! I'll just say that I'm honored and way nervous to be a DL--especially for the first time--at this point in the mission. Kaicho decided the missionaries are having a difficult time using the current training plan designed to help us rely on the Lord because we need to have a 'higher' relationship and knowledge of Christ. So, he decided to put a different, brand new training plan in place for the next two weeks. This has never been done before and nobody knew about it until DLC. Usually these things are done at ZLC, but Kaicho said there isn't time to wait till then. For the whole afternoon part of DLC, Kaicho went through the new training plan with all of us. It's basically designed to make every single fact about Christ, who He is, what He did, and what He can do resonate in your mind and soul until you understand it completely. That's kind of where it got scary, because Kaicho told us that we, as DL's, have to present it to our districts the very next day at district meeting.

Oh yeah, Thursday morning we had a lesson appointment with the guy who called on a payphone and came to church last week. Obviously, we weren't in Tottori to do it, so we had to have the shimai teach the lesson for us.

Anywho, following DLC we went and caught a bus back to Yonago. We got there way late, about 10pm, but we had permission. Then Calder Choro and I had to catch a train back to Tottori early the next morning to make it to district meeting, which I already had to postpone an hour since I was coming from Yonago.

So, after going from Kobe to Tottori at transfers, I had to go right back to Kobe, then back to Tottori within a week for DL training. I spent $200 on travel! Best part: I have to spend another $60 to go to a taikai where a GA is speaking this week, then back to Kobe and back again next week for Trainer/Trainee Training Meeting. Boy, I'm glad that travel is reimbursable. :)

At district meeting I presented the new, temporary training plan to the district I've never been over before, in a part of the mission I've never been before, at a position I've never been before. You can imagine I was way nervous. I had seen how serious Kaicho was about this and the sense of urgency in his presentation, and I was doubting I could present it with the same power and urgency.

Fortunately there's a little thing called the Spirit. My district didn't know what was coming up, just like we didn't before the training meeting. I was praying in my heart the whole time leading up to it that I could somehow convey what Kaicho conveyed. After the presentation, I asked everyone how it was. One of the district members mentioned that I was noticeably nervous at the beginning, but as things settled in the Spirit took over and taught to them what needed to be taught. I can promise anyone that it truly wasn't me that was teaching the new plan to the Districtees. There's no way it would've turned out as well as it seemed to had it been solely up to me and my ability. I love it when those sorts of things happen; when the Spirit does the work.

Basically that's all I have to say about my week. It all covers the space of 3 days and the expense of 200 bucks! So Worth it!

Yeah, the jello ended up making a lot of the stuff a little more red--including the tie--but I wrapped that up in plastic wrap and dropped it off at a dry cleaners today. It should be almost perfectly fine after that. As for my other birthday stuff, yes I like it.

Yep, Elder Calder speaks Spanish. Sometimes in prayers he'll go from Japanese to English to Spanish, and jump randomly between the three. He also does that in his counting during his morning workout.

We actually live just a couple kilos away from the coastline, so if we ever dendo out by there during the day we could definitely get some good pictures.


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