Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2/3/14 email--Jordan's birthday

Mom and Dad,
So we've had a lot going on this prep day, and we have an appointment at a member's house at 4:30 for my birthday, so this email will have to be short.
On Monday, just a few days after interviews--at which we talked about doing all things with faith and having "faith in every footstep"--we went out housing afterwards. We biked a little ways out, and the whole time I was thinking about my faith level. I decided I'd think positively and rely on the Lord. Well, BAM, the Spirit led us back to this tiny corner of a small neighborhood, a place where probably not a lot of missionaries have housed, and at the very first door a lady came out. She seemed to have interest, though she said it'd be hard to make an appointment due to her busy schedule. Still, she wasn't trying to get rid of us. A few houses later, a mother came out who actually knew who we were because her son was friends with someone in the ward. She had a rather loud conversation from the door with that son--who had just gotten out of the shower--and us, relaying information and all. Long story short: she said they'd come to church to check it out.
That last bit goes in well with this next bit: the mission goal of getting 400 people to sacrament meeting this week. We got 396! Holy cow! The mission has been averaging probably 130 people each week! For the Kobe zone, and a couple other areas, yesterday was stake conference, so coming all the way from our area would've been tough. We were hoping the GC dude and the Filipino guy would come. The GC dude said he didn't have the time to travel down to Kobe for the conference.
On Friday, we had planned to go housing in this big remote area. As I was looking at the map, this one particular road stuck out to me. We went all the way to the end, which led up into this big hill. I led us there because on the phone gps there looked to be a cluster of houses. We got there and it was just a bunch of cabins that seem to be part of a summer camp sort of place. So, we went right back down the big hill and got started. There were a few houses that kind of let us off a path from that road I wanted to house. I realized we kind of strayed off, so I took us back, leaving a few houses un-housed. We continued down on that road 'til the end. We went to every house on the road and close-by it. There weren't that many because it was a rice farm land area. We got to the end and started to head back having not housed one house because we had a lesson with GC dude and we still wanted to polish up the lesson. We went up the road back to the highway, up this small slope. I looked and saw a small gravel path that lead right back down to the house. I decided: hey, we'll just ring, get kekko'ed, and be on our way; it'll take maybe two or three minutes.
So we swerved back around and went down that hill back to the one house. I skidded to a stop in the gravel driveway of the house--in a pretty awesome manner--and looked up to see a guy standing there. I quickly took off my helmet and told him who we were, right as my companion also skidded to a halt. He said he'd met missionaries before, and invited us in. We taught him, and though he wouldn't make a return appointment, he said he'd listen again if we stopped by and he had time! That was probably one of the coolest finding experiences I've had so far!
Then Saturday and Sunday was Stake大会。
We have next to no snow in this area. Nishiwaki, however, has a bit. I have been told that Toyoka, the extreme weather capital of Japan, has almost 5 feet.
Don't need an oven to cook cakes here! Missionaries found out a way to bake cakes in the rice cookers!
Thanks for all the birthday wishes and such! I really appreciate it!
That's all I have for this week, so until next week.

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