Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March 17, 2014 email

Mom and Dad,

Yep, I'm almost done with my 6th transfer. I've almost hit the year mark for my mission! It's crazy: I don't feel like I've been out that long!

We had district meeting on Friday. I was kind of nervous for this one as well because it was only my second one. We haven't had one since my first because there have been tons of other taikais and training going on. Well, right before we started, I sent a quick text to one of our investigators to see if we could meet sometime. He mistook it as an invitation to come to the church right then. We tried to tell him not to come right then, but he was already on his way. Right in the middle of district meeting--which we told him we had--he arrived. Calder Choro and I had to step out to have him sit down and read the Liahona while I finished the meeting. I had to leave out a bunch of stuff because there was no longer time for it.

Following district meeting I went on an exchange with Page Choro back to Kurayoshi. Before we set off I told Calder Choro and Thomas Choro to try and get a lesson with the guy. Apparently he talked with them for 15 minutes or so then ran out saying he was going to miss the train that would pass through a half hour after he left. Yeha, Tottori is pretty fun.

In Kurayoshi, we met with their yakushokusha. He's a pretty cool high school student that's all for being baptized, but his parents won't let him because he's not an adult. That's one of the biggest challenges in this mission: parents not letting their adult children be baptized. The other biggest problem is people wanting to be baptized, but won't because one person in their family is opposed to it. Following that lesson we waited for the Kurayoshi Shimai to finish their lesson with their yakusokusha because I had to do a baptismal interview. Yeah, you read that right: baptismal interview! I was very excited since it was my first baptismal interview.

Sunday was another interesting day this week. I had ANOTHER baptismal interview. This time with the Tottori Shimai's yaskusokusha. I also would've had one with the Kurayoshi one, but since his parents are opposed to it, there's no need to interview him. Also, the two people I interviewed asked me to actually perform the baptism, so this week will be pretty incredible. One of them wants to get baptized in a nearby lake! She almost chose the ocean, but a lake is almost as cool.

We did, however, finally have a lesson with our investigator that showed up during district meeting. It was with these two other seishinbyo guys that are best friends and really funny. Love 'em. The doseki for the lesson was a less-active guy that's also their friend but sometime preaches incorrect doctrine during the lesson. I think I already told you about him.

WAIT! There was an earthquake! I don't know where it was centered, but we felt it in Tottori! I woke up at 2 in the morning to my body being shaken back and forth, feeling like I was in a big washing machine. After the tremor stopped I rolled over to look at Calder Choro, and he was sitting up a bit. The following ensued:

Wilson Choro: "Was that an earthquake?"
Calder Choro: "Ya!"
Wilson Choro: "Cool!...well, goodnight."
Calder Choro: "Goodnight."

I'm thinking of writing a movie called "My First Earthquake." I also had a quick thought of "hmm, I wonder if a tsunami's coming?" Nah, we're fine! even though we're next to the Sea of Japan.


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