Monday, November 11, 2013


Mom and Dad,
Wow, this transfer went by fast. I just hope I don't train next transfer--I don't feel ready!
This week was going on looking like it would end in a short email, but Saturday included a surprise that'll make it a little longer.
Monday: The Naganuma family wanted us to come by and share a message about dendo to strengthen their 22-year-old son and 19-year-old daughter's fire to serve a mission. We ended up not being able to, though, because one of their cars broke down, but it was still a pretty awesome day!
Tuesday: We biked up the foothills of Mt. Fuji again to have a last-minute lesson with the investigator up there before he went off on a trip for a week or so. November 1st was the start of suit season, meaning you should wear your suit whenever are outside. Well that day was actually surprisingly warm, so we took off our coats to bike up--but we put them back on before the lesson. Believe me, if you saw or experienced that mountain, you'd understand.
Wednesday: We had an exchange with the DL and his trainee. Instead of swapping companions, they both came to Kitarokko and we split up. I went with the DL and Hiratsuka went with the trainee. It went really well. I spent a lot of time with the DL going over additional training on how to be an effective missionary and a true disciple. He mentioned that the reason was because I need to be entirely independent--which really means "you'll probably train next transfer." Oh boy. After all the training I got from him, which I'm actually very grateful for, we went way out to find some potential investigators and to tract. We also received a text from the Protestant investigator that he doesn't want to meet anymore, which is very sad. His Protestant friends are giving him a difficult time. We planted the "Gospel seed" and hopefully he will nourish it sometime in the future and it will grow. It was still a pretty cool exchange. Hiratsuka and Isaac apparently found a family that seems to be interested.
Friday: District Meeting (finally).There hasn't been a District Meeting all transfer because of transfers, interviews, and the double Zone Training Meetings. The Meeting went really well: we learned a pretty crazy, new grammar point from one of the ZL's, and we also spent a lot of time learning/discussing the Mission Training Plan. After that, and after getting back to Kitarokko, we spent the rest of the day finding investigators.
Saturday: The day of surprises. Last Monday, there was a family that Hiratsuka and I found while housing, and the mother is really interested in the concept of eternal families and such. She invited us to come back on this day, so we did that. Turns out she couldn't meet just then, but we set up another appointment. After we got back, we were going to continue our daily study and eat lunch, when there was a surprise voice at the door. We went and found the two AP's standing in our genkan! They came by to go on exchanges with the two of us. We ended up not getting to finish studying because the AP's wanted to get to work. We went to lunch at a curry house, then the junior AP, Carver Choro, and I took off while the senior, Kershisnik Choro (the super-awesome guy who's been AP for 5 transfers), spent time with Hiratsuka. Honestly, if I took the time to write everything I wanted to say about what I learned, what we did, how much of a boss Carver Choro is, and how much I was intimidated to be on an exchange with him, etc., it would take A LONG TIME and the email would be REALLY LONG. Let's just say I couldn't be happier or more excited to do anything than to be a missionary serving in this mission at this time. I will say, however, that I was exhausted by the end of the exchange because of working so hard. I think I mentioned this, but the two of them served together in Kitarokko last year, so he was already excited to be back and see what's changed; in addition to his excitement to serve, made it all the better. The funniest part: they left before the day was over, so Hiratsuka and I had even more time to go out and work. Needless to say, I went to bed a little early that night.
Sunday: Sunday is always good. Right after church we went to visit a potential investigator that we found on Thursday. She actually told us that we should come by before noon because her husband has no interest in religion. Problem is that church ends at 1pm so the husband was there and he didn't want us to present a lesson. We also had the same investigator that came to church last week come this week, which was excellent. That night we went out with Asada Kyodai again to visit people. We went to visit one of our investigators and hopefully teach a lesson. We didn't get the lesson in, but we're going to keep trying. We decided to visit him every week.
Other than that, I have breaking news:
I just got an email from Bogedahl Choro. The lady we challenged to be baptized and was originally scheduled on October 13th, then the 27th, got baptized on Saturday! Unfortunately the awesome young man, that was suppose to be baptized too, did not get baptized.

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